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[22 May 2004|11:27pm]
this community sucks ass
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[27 Apr 2004|10:44pm]

[ mood | dirty ]

check out the rap off: me v. scrubs it's tizight yo, we both pretty damn white in our own way, but it's cool.
yeah, i posted it in mine, but i might as well help chelsea's bitches to prosper:
me (a black guy who’s pretty damn white) versus scrubs (a white guy who’s pretty white, but still can rhyme in time, it’s sublime). Word.

Me (9:27:21 PM): scrub a dub,
full o flub
goes rub a dub dub
and blub blub blub

Scrubs (9:27:30 PM): hahahaha
Scrubs (9:28:13 PM): dean o' dean
you are so mean
don't call me fat
or i'll say you're half black!
(doesn't rhyme but it took me like 1 min so w/e)
Me (9:29:23 PM): hahaha, scrubs can't rhyme
i don't even have to take my time
to pop out a rhyme that's better than yo's
so just, take that ho
Scrubs (9:29:45 PM): but dean o' Patch
Scrubs (9:29:49 PM): whoops
Scrubs (9:29:51 PM): h/o
Me (9:29:54 PM): hahah
Me (9:29:55 PM): a
Me (9:30:04 PM): howard dean patch adams apple juice
Scrubs (9:31:27 PM): but dean o' patch
you're mom's a catch
but with a butt so wide
which is hard to hide
most animals would attach
Me (9:31:31 PM): howdepa-adapju
Me (9:33:05 PM): haha, i've got one
Scrubs (9:33:11 PM): k
Me (9:33:16 PM): but it's REALLY bad
Scrubs (9:33:21 PM): tha's cool
Me (9:33:32 PM): it's like the momma of all momma jokes
Me (9:33:37 PM): big time callin mom a ho joke
Scrubs (9:33:37 PM): lol
Me (9:33:37 PM): haha
Me (9:33:47 PM): but it's good
Me (9:33:52 PM): horribly sexual
Me (9:33:53 PM): but good
Scrubs (9:33:54 PM): get on w/ it!
Me (9:33:59 PM): not as good as your mom
damn she's da bomb
her ass is so wide
even i can fit inside
little too much info
but ur mom's a nympho
wow that's sexual
something rhyming with sexual

Me (9:34:14 PM): hahaha
Scrubs (9:34:17 PM): perplexual
Scrubs (9:34:18 PM): lol
Me (9:34:22 PM): that works
Me (9:34:54 PM): rap offs are fun
Me (9:34:59 PM): u dun son?
Me (9:35:02 PM): cause i'm about to go
Scrubs (9:35:02 PM): yea they are
Me (9:35:03 PM): ho
Me (9:35:04 PM): yo
Scrubs (9:35:06 PM): no
Me (9:35:06 PM): ho ho ho
Me (9:35:09 PM): not really go tho
Me (9:35:10 PM): yo
Me (9:35:12 PM): hehe
Scrubs (9:35:14 PM): lol
Scrubs (9:35:18 PM): k let's do another
Scrubs (9:35:25 PM): ur def in the lead...but who cares
Scrubs (9:35:27 PM): ok:
Me (9:35:38 PM): haha
Scrubs (9:37:46 PM): Dirty Dean
Soapey's clean
when yo' mama leans
I'm in her spleen
no map could be darted
ever since she farted
So what is her ass?
it's uncharted land mass!
Me (9:38:06 PM): haha
Me (9:38:55 PM): Wow, ur better than cox,
And that's a shock
Cause he can mack
But he ain't black
So take that there
Now fair is fair
But I was where?
Ur mom's still bare
Her dairiare
that's her butt,
but ur a nut
u think u rhyme
to pass the time
but ur just scrubs
so shut the fub ub

Me (9:39:15 PM): i had actually been typin part of that while u were typin urs
Scrubs (9:39:26 PM): lol
Scrubs (9:39:32 PM): you did easy rhymes
Scrubs (9:39:38 PM): butt and nut
Scrubs (9:39:39 PM): ??
Scrubs (9:39:54 PM): hmm
Scrubs (9:39:55 PM): ...
Scrubs (9:40:27 PM): Dean your a fag
Scrubs (9:40:33 PM): oops
Me (9:40:36 PM): point being?
it's no simple thing
i popped out the rhyme
all in due time
it was nice and quick
so suck me monkey
cause they be funky
and ha ha
i dropped ur jaw
with that there rhyme
this's my only crime
Me (9:40:47 PM): hahaha
Scrubs (9:45:01 PM): Dean your a fag
when you read that girly mag
you pretend to be a turtle
when you wear that girdle
but your really just gay
wait till june to say hey!
cus that's the month o' gay pride
and that's the month for you to ride
on yo' lil fag friend
up to the night's dark end
and spread yo' H-I-V
to yo' fagget ass buddy
cause him to die
like you did that other guy
so dean quit that
or you'll be just like Pat ("the other guy")...
Scrubs (9:47:10 PM): this got da betta rhyme
even though it took some time
the black's worse than white
cause i am soo tight
so i be hangin loose
you...silly goose (?)
Me (9:49:08 PM): now the gloves are off
you make me cough
you spread your plague
that u got cause ur gay
ho i'll make you my bitch
slap you so hard i make ur ass itch
so take that shit
cause i'm threw wit it
i'll drop u like ur momma
spits like a llama
in brahma
she's a cow
ask me how
i ride her like that
when she fat
she aint no girl
damn, she's a world
and she's got lotsa craters
ya little playa hater
so take it up the butt
by sum guy while he nuts
cause ur the one with the disease
that's spreads like weeds
you aint got no rhyme
not as good as mine
so bite it
u little clit
Me (9:49:09 PM): haha
Me (9:49:19 PM): this is really bad, and vulgar and fun
Me (9:49:47 PM): so very vulgar hahaha
Me (9:49:50 PM): i got the hiccups
Me (9:50:57 PM): u ther?
Me (9:50:59 PM): haha
Me (9:57:33 PM): i believe this is a draw
Me (9:58:28 PM): since apparently u've dissappeared
from the rearview mirror
that i hear
it's so clear
but i hold it dear
have a good year
like the tire
we retire
for the nite
it's tite
Me (9:58:50 PM): arite

The end cause he disappeared for some reason.

Let the vulgarity flow!


[26 Apr 2004|09:45pm]

[ mood | bitchy! ]

chelseas bitches need to have a theme song:

we're bitches doobie doo,
we're bitches how bout u?
well, we're march under chelsea
(words that rhyme with chelsea)
and no one is cooler than we
he he he he he

we're bitches deedle dee
we're bitchy as can be
you're jealous, we kno
so just take that ho

we're bitches,
and if we don't type,
chelsea with castrate us
and feed our souls to satan
because she can do that shit yo

the end

i picture that being sung by an all child choir, in a sort of patriotic way. sleep deprivation werks for me, i hop it werks for you 2!

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[24 Apr 2004|01:01pm]

people are posting!!

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[24 Apr 2004|03:04am]
I'm a filthy little slut, I like to take it in the mouth.

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[23 Apr 2004|11:58pm]


show..... for..... chelsea... [22 Apr 2004|06:19pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Fri April 23

The Early Season

A Lack There Of

Sooner The Better

Another Day Alone


The Wasted Aces

Creative Element

Black Tie Affair

The Adventures Of

Rational Jackass

(^random order above, not correct show order)

*show starts at 5pm and ends at 10pm*


[22 Apr 2004|05:58pm]

my comunity is going to get deleted if you bitches dont start posting.

[18 Apr 2004|06:45pm]

damn, i'm everybody's bitch
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[17 Apr 2004|02:32am]

this community blows

i want better bitches.

just kidding. you guys rock.

you just suck at being bitches.

[09 Apr 2004|01:21am]
we should like....
buy chelsea stuff
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my flow nuks [06 Apr 2004|07:48pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

hey chelsea well since you complain so much about us sucking to update in here..ill update just to make you happy....sooo uhhhhh heres my rap

people ask how i flow so tight
and how i do it just perfectly right
with outa drop of sweat in sight
theres no need to perspire when I'm on fire
im so good i make suckas like eminem retire
and i sure didnt get this shit from chore
get out da way noone wants the mic in your hand
before i rip out your pituritary gland

wow enough of that gayness....later

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this is zaks cuz hes too dumb to di it himself.... [06 Apr 2004|06:52pm]




[04 Jan 2004|01:23am]
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[03 Apr 2004|08:26am]

[ mood | bored ]

I really have to be on some sort of drugs to have joined this.

... Chelsea's my bitch, damn it. Not the other way around.

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